Poslanstvo trenerja

I can say that I have good intuition when it comes to athletes and my personal approach makes it easier to motivate people. I started my sports career towards being a coach as a member of the Slovene rugby team; I trained boxing, weightlifting and later powerlifting. As a person who desires broad-mindedness and knowledge, I was always eager to do various sports activities. When we stop learning and trying, we stop being good, but I think there is always room to improve ourselves. It took a great deal of experience and of course mistakes, which I am happy to welcome, so that today I can pass my knowledge about achieving success to athletes, sport clubs and individuals.

A coach and an entrepreneur

As a coach and sports therapist, I started working with sport clubs. Later on, I set up my own therapy studio and started learning about entrepreneurship. From an idea to actual realization, Ortogym and the concept of ortho training was born.

ORTOGYM – Your training centre

I am pleased to say that I was the person behind the idea and the co-owner of the first Reebok crossfit centre in the Balkans. Later, I left the project and dedicated my time to developing the idea of Ortogym.


S čim se še ukvarjam?

In 2000, my journey led me to the Paralympic Committee of Slovenia. Since then, I’ve been working with physically impaired athletes. Among other things, I work with the physically impaired on an individual level (multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, etc.) and I have developed the first platform in the world which allows physically impaired persons to train at home ‒ DISABLEDGYM. As a coach, I worked at the level of top individual athletes and assisted sport clubs with professional physical preparations. Additionally, I’ve participated in the preparations for the Paralympics and Parapan Games.

  • NSCA CSPS Licence

    Certified special population specialist

  • Paralympic games

    Fitness coach, preparation of athletes for the 2016 Olympic Games

  • ParaPan Toronto

    Fitness coach at Paralympic Games for the national team of Brazil (15 gold medals)

  • Paralympic games

    Fitness coach, preparation of athletes for the 2016 Olympic Games, Rio

  • Judo Club Šiška

    Strength and Conditioning Coach

  • Slovenian National Rugby team

    Strength and Conditioning Coach

  • Adelaide Black Falcons

    Cooperation with head coach of the team Mr. Andrew Fenton

  • Olympic committee of Slovenia licence

    Official trainer certificate.

  • Medvode Football Club

    Sports Therapist.


    Owner, Director, Strength and Conditioning Coach.

  • 10th European Deaf Basketball Championship

    Strength and Conditioning Coach in Konya, Turkey.

  • Opening 1. Reebok Crossfit Center in the Balkan region

    Conceptual leader and Head Coach at the center.

  • Lucijan Kobal trainer

    Strength and Conditioning Coach Kobal (5th place in taekwondo at the Youth Olympics, 2014 China)

  • Ljubljana Rugby Club

    Strength and Conditioning Coach

  • Slovenia Special Police Unit

    Strength and Conditioning Coach

  • Ilirija Football Club

    Sports therapist, Strength and Conditioning Coach.

  • Slovenian Deaf basketball team

    Strength and Conditioning Coach

  • Interblock Football Club

    Sports therapist, Strength and Conditioning Coach.

  • 21st Summer Deaflympics, Taipei

    Sports therapist, Strength and Conditioning Coach.

  • 2nd World Deaf Basketball Championship

    Sports therapist, Strength and Conditioning Coach.

  • Olimpia Football Club

    Sports and Rehabilitation Therapist (from 5th to 1st national league)

  • Janče Basketball Club

    Sports therapist, Strength and Conditioning Coach.

  • Faculty of Sport, UNI LJ

    Bachelor’s degree.

  • 20th Summer Deaflympics, Melbourne

    Sports therapist, Strength and Conditioning Coach.

  • Extending my therapeutic studio

    Strength and conditioning trainings for different sport clubs, individual personal training.

  • 12th Summer Paralympics, Athens

    Sports Therapist.

  • Livar Football Club

    Sports therapist, Strength and Conditioning Coach.

  • Zagorje Basketball Club, Hrastnik Basketball Club

    Sports Therapist.

  • Opening of my private therapeutic studio

    Owner, Sports Therapist.

  • Slovenian National Hockey team

    Sports Therapist.

EXPERIENCE More than 20 years of experience

Based on years of experience, I advise you and create a workout plan that is best suited for you and is tailored to your physical abilities.

PROGRAMMES Diverse programmes for everyone

You can choose from different workout programmes (individual, rehabilitation, ORTO-fit, ORTO-semi) that I adjust according to your needs and time.

SUCCESS 100% satisfaction

You can follow the success stories and testimonials of our customers on our Facebook, but I also invite you to join them. Learn more about Ortogym.